No Stress Weekend (ha!)

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I’m closing the books on my last child-free weekend of the winter.  The next one will be the weekend of April 4th, provided Scott’s travel plans don’t get botched.

I have no idea what’s going on with me, but the last three child-free weekends were miserable.  And not just because I missed the kids.  I woke up all three Saturdays with pounding headaches that turned to nausea and dizziness and left me pretty much unable to get done the multitude of things I had planned to do.  Like this weekend, when I planned to do all of my homework for the next two months so that I didn’t have that hanging over my head while so many other things were so stressful.

I did manager to do all the homework for February, but had to take a nap yesterday at lunchtime and then spent most of the evening lying on the couch because I was sure if I sat up, I was going to barf.  Given that I’d really only eaten eggs with salsa for breakfast (and choked on the salsa — pretty much the worst experience of my life), I didn’t really want that coming back up.

I don’t know if these are migraines, as the headache dissipates with ibuprofen.  But the nausea is dang awful.  On the one hand, I’m glad I don’t feel that way when I’m trying to chase the kids.  But on the other hand?  I really wanted to get that schoolwork done this weekend.  And I wanted to deep clean my bathrooms.  And wash my sheets.  And stuff like that which didn’t get done as I zoned out to slopestyle on the Olympics.

I’ve written before about the dead sleep I have when the kids aren’t here.  I can sleep for 10 hours and have no problem going to be the following night.  I wonder if my body is rejecting the caffeine I drink in my coffee on those nights when I get a super-sleep in?  So today, I didn’t drink any caffeine.  I had a dull no-caffeine headache, but wasn’t nauseas and had enough energy to do more homework, cook, do laundry and shovel before the kids got home.  Maybe I need to skip the coffee on the days when I’ve gotten an appropriate amount of sleep?

That doesn’t explain waking with a headache, though.  I’m not light or sound sensitive, but motion is a bear.  Going from standing to sitting or lying down to sitting or standing is pukifying.  Maybe it is just my body’s way of forcing me to slow down when I can.  Maybe I push myself so hard that when I cross the finish line, my body just quits working properly to ensure that I spend a day on the couch?  I don’t know.  This fall, whenever the kids were with Scott for a weekend, I managed to get a cold or strep or whatever bug they had.  This winter it’s the headache/nausea/dizzy thing.

Clearly I’m just healthier when I’ve got my little germ factories hanging around, huh?

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  1. Yikes, I hope you’re feeling better. Caffeine does weird things to me too, so much that I (very sadly, kicking and screaming), had to cut down to 1 cup a day, before 9am.

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