My Violet Time {A Bigger Picture Moment}

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My Violet Time {A Bigger Picture Moment}

“Just one more kiss, mama…”

Her little face looks at me, pleading.  She is not asking for a kiss, but asking to give me a kiss.  Who can refuse?

I lean over the bed again and she wraps her arms tightly around my neck and places an enthusiastic kiss on my cheek.

In four weeks, she will be a Kindergartener.  In four weeks, I will pace the front yard, waiting for the bus to drop her and her brother into my open arms.  In four weeks, I will lose my afternoon Violet time — the time when the twins nap and she and I read books, color, play with Strawberry Shortcake, and live together as if she is an only child.  We eat naughty snacks of chips and popsicles with no nutritional value just because we can.  She brushes my hair, trying to smooth the waves.  We paint our toenails to match each other.

Many days our alone time ends with me holding her in my lap, nodding off because there is something about the weight of this child that relaxes me so completely I cannot stay awake.  She fiddles with my earring and says, “It’s OK, mommy.  You take a rest.  I’m not going anywhere.”

And she doesn’t.  Not yet, anyway.

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  1. Oh my goodness. This post and the one before it (about the opening night nerves) make me so jealous!! I miss being a stay at home mom with my kiddos. I miss time with them so much…and I’d love to be back on the stage again, too. I’ve thought about doing some community theater, but time…where’s the time?

    I’m totally being a whiner on your comments…yuck.

    This was a gorgeous post. Soak in every minute of that time…and break a leg tonight!!!!
    Alissa recently posted, go check it out!Crying in the CubicleMy Profile

    • Oh, thank you! You’re not being a whiner — I promise! It is only by crazy fate that I was able to squeeze this show in — my hubby is a theatre designer and does 8-12 shows a year, but amazingly had this summer off and was glad to take on more daddy stuff so I could do a show.

  2. Savor every single moment. As they grow things change. We mourn for what we lose in these changes, but there is good news too. The changes will bring other wonderful experiences and aspects of her personality.
    May recently posted, go check it out!Summer at the Country Club PlazaMy Profile

    • I think that is part of the reason I write — to capture these moments because they are fleeting and she will be a new person tomorrow.

  3. Oh, my HEAVENS!! The sweetness! ‘You take a rest. I’m not going anywhere.’ SLAYS ME!

    I can see why you’re savoring these last weeks before she grows up into a kindergartner. Enjoy them!
    Sarah @ This heavenly life recently posted, go check it out!With a Pause and a StutterMy Profile

    • Yes, she’s a special one all right! There’s just something about her that is so peaceful… I’m sure that in ten years I’ll be reading this entry and bawling because she’s a fourteen year old ball of teenage angst. But right now she’s perfect!

  4. Oh, she sounds like a DEAR! That promise of not going anywhere… eep, my heart!
    Lenae recently posted, go check it out!Five Minute Friday: EnoughMy Profile

    • I know — made me melt, too. I just love that girl!!

  5. This is so beautifully written! By the end I was teary because, well, because of all of it in its lovely combination — the mother/daughter relationship, the time well spent and words well woven. Simply beautiful!
    Hyacynth recently posted, go check it out!Dear Diary: On Hysterical LaughterMy Profile

    • Oh, thank you! Violet is a gem, for sure. I’m just glad that I get to record something so lovely!

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