Mother’s Day Through the Eyes of My Children

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This year, with two kids in school I was the recipient of some very lovely Mother’s Day bling — including three handmade cards from Milo, one from Violet, a flower craft from Milo, and a little book illustrated by Violet.  Quite the handmade haul, huh?

I attended a Mother’s Day Tea in Violet’s classroom and made a stinking fool of myself when she read the little book she made to me and I started dripping tears.  Yes, I was the only mama/grandma/other important mother figure in the room crying.  At least it wasn’t an ugly cry — more of a “does she have bad allergies or is she just weird” kind of cry punctuated with lots of blinking and swift wiping of tears with my hand, of course, as I didn’t have a tissue.

After displaying my proud-mama tears in Violet’s class, she and I scooted off down the hall to have lunch with Milo and his class, something he’s been asking me to do all year, but which I haven’t been able to do because of bizarre scheduling.  In a huge feat of magnanimity, Milo invited Violet to attend without me prompting him to do so.  He thought it would be a great idea for her to “do lunch” before she has to do it every day in Kindergarten next year.  So the three of us sat together at an elementary school-sized lunchroom table and feasted on chicken nuggests, mashed potatoes, broccoli and peaches.  Milo ate all of his potatoes and broccoli and three of the five nuggets.  Violet ate three nuggets, all of her potatoes, and two of the peach slices.  We were entertained by the kids sitting around us and about a dozen of the little girls I’d had in the tap classes where I subbed waved shy hellos, too.  After this, I’m pretty sure Violet will be just fine when it comes to lunch next year.

After lunch, I accompanied the kids to recess, where I got a mild sunburn and where I refused to play dodgeball with the first grade boys.  I did, however, watch Milo and his patented counter-clockwise spin away from the hurtling playground ball.  He was a frequent target, but not frequently tagged.  Violet ran off with two of Milo’s classmates, both darling girls who brought her right into the fold without a second thought.

Anyway, my dearest Milo decided to make a list of things about me on one of the cards he made.  It reads, “Awesome, Amazing, The best mom in the whole world, and The best mom for me.”  Aww, shucks…

Violet’s “About Mom” page at school is probably a bit more realistic.  She included that I am 17 years old (OK, that’s not realistic at all), that my favorite food is spicy quesadillas (I suppose that’s possible, though I greatly prefer sushi.  At least I eat spicy quesadillas — when I don’t burn them), and that she loves it when I burp quesadillas (she does???).  I could not be more proud…


p.s. Excuse me.



  1. This sounds like a perfectly lovely day at school! As to the crying, how were you the only one sniffling? Best to prepare her now because my crying days haven’t slowed one bit, and my children are in second grade! Happy Mother’s Day!

    • I have no idea how I was the only one weepy — the kids were just adorable! Happy (belated) Mother’s Day to you, too!

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