The Moment a Mother Is Born: Jeanette

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Hello!  I can’t wait to introduce you to the first mom featured in my The Moment a Mother is Born series, Jeanette Cornforth.  Jeanette and I have been friends since my college days — she even attended my wedding!  This is her first time making a blog post, and I am so honored that she agreed to do it on my blog.  I just love her story and hope that you do, too!
The moment I felt like a mom?  Hmmmm, well I don’t remember it being a-hit-you-upside-the-head-ah-ha moment.  I know when it wasn’t.
It wasn’t when I saw the lines on the pregnancy test, that was a “Holy crap am I seeing this right, it has taken us almost a year and this can’t be possible” moment.
It wasn’t when we first heard the baby’s heartbeat, I remember that as more of a “Really?  There is something inside of me making that?” moment.
Hard to believe, but even when I felt the first kicks I still didn’t feel like a mom.  It was a very awesome experience and one that I terribly miss to this day.
I’m pretty sure the moment I went into labor I still didn’t feel like I was a mom. I know, how can that be? I’m about to be pushing something about the size of a watermelon out and you don’t feel like a mom??? That was more of a, “Yes nurse, my water really did break. Yes nurse, my mom did have quick labor and even though this is my first, please listen to me!!!!” kind of a moment.  Oh, and not to mention that after pushing for an hour all I wanted to do was get the baby out. I don’t care what you have to do JUST GET HIM OUT!!!
I also know it wasn’t the moment we brought him home with us.  I remember that more as a, “I now have something in the back of my car that makes a lot of noise and I better remember to strap down the car seat before I pull out of the driveway” moment.
And to be honest, for about the first year my husband and I would both look at each other and go “He doesn’t really feel like ours yet.”  I think we were both in awe about the whole thing. It just didn’t seem real.  
We had talked about having kids, but could never find the right time to actually try.  Finally the end of 2004 we decided this was the time.  Only to find out a month later my brother had passed away. So, after grieving over that my body was definitely not in a prime position to want to get pregnant.  I even remember telling my husband, after we had tried for about 5-6 months, that we aren’t going to get pregnant until the due date is around my brother’s birthday.  And sure enough we found out at Christmas time 2005 that we were expecting.  Our due date- August 28th.  My brother’s birthday, August 29th!!
So, the moment a mother is born?  I would have to say my moment came on my son’s first birthday.  I finally felt like after going through all the emotions of trying to get pregnant, the emotions of having him, the emotions of realizing I am really not a horrible mom. I can give my son a bath and if I get soap in his eyes he will be OK.  After getting in a routine and making it through the first year he finally felt like he belonged to us.


  1. Great post, Jeanette! I think you have a great writer's "voice." :)

  2. Great post, Jeanette. And fantastic picture. I can't wait to meet your son again someday!

  3. Nice post Jeanette! It was very sweet. – your sister in law, Amity

  4. Nice post Jeanette! Miss you guys so much!

  5. Thank you all for stopping buy to cheer Jeanette on! I'm so proud of her for doing this — way to go, mama!!

  6. Thank you. I could maybe do another one if you need one. :-)

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